Subscriber Management: Unopened Emails

Did you know that you can optimize your Subscribers Lists by means of automatic cleaning of unopened Emails? Learn how to manage the Subscribers that don’t open your Campaigns and improve your effectiveness in Email Marketing.

Would you like to have a high volume of Subscribers in each of your Lists and a poor Open Rate? Do not confuse quantity with quality! Inactive Emails that haven’t opened your Campaign will become a huge disadvantage for you.

Doppler gives you the ability to clear your List of inactive Subscribers and remove their Emails after a certain number of consecutive sendings unopened.

On the other hand, those who don’t open your sendings consecutively will not be convenient because you will be generating an unnecessary cost. Also, you List will not be optimized.

Another factor to consider is your Open Rate and consequently your reputation. The smaller the values of your Openings, the worse it’s for your reputation and taken to the extreme, could be classified as Spam.

As you can see, managing the cleaning of your Subscribers by the amount of unopened sendings is healthy and will bring advantages. Inactive users haven’t opened enough Emails to generate much interest so the best thing would be to remove them.

How to manage your unopened Emails?

Login to your Doppler account and go to the Control Panel. In Preferences Campaigns select “Admin unopened Emails”. From there you can select from how many Emails that haven’t been opened and remove them from your List.

Unopened Emails Manager

Do you wonder what this number is? It is a value that is associated with the number of sendings you make and the frequency with which you send. However, Doppler can provide you a standard parameter which involves 15 to 20 consecutive unopened sendings.

Unopened Emails Manager

After saving the changes, you will have your a clean, high quality List. This cleaning will allow you to optimize your sendings, have a filtered database, reduce Bounces, and control what happens after each sending.

Manage your unopened Emails for a List with a better quality!

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  1. Iñaki 18 Jan 2021

    Hola! existe alguna forma de Enviar un email previo a quienes no abran el correo para avisarles que los estamos por dar de baja? Por ejemplo, después de 10 emails no abiertos, les llega un mail número 11 que dice “Haz click aqui si no quieres ser dado de baja de este correo electrónico” y que si ese correo no lo abren o no hacen click se borren…

    Espero su respuesta. Gracias!

    1. Soledad Paz 26 Feb 2021

      ¡Hola Iñaki!
      Podemos darte dos opciones para hacer algo similar a lo que propones:
      Opción 1: Puedes generar un segmento de las no aperturas. La contra es que ese segmento no contiene las no aperturas acumuladas (por ejemplo, si no abrió 10 veces), si no que contiene las no aperturas por campaña. Puedes seleccionar las Campañas que quieras para hacerlo.

      Opción 2: En el listado maestro de suscriptores, puedes filtrar por calificación (1 estrella es que nunca abrió) y a su vez por activo asociado a lista. Esto te mostrará todos los suscriptores activos que nunca abrieron un email. La Contra es que si un suscriptor es nuevo y no abrió un email aún, se le va a asignar una estrella.

      Esperamos que te sirva y cualquier otra consulta estoy a tu disposición.
      Saludos, Sole de Doppler.