What is the difference between a Prepaid Plan and Monthly Plan?

The difference between Prepaid and Monthly Plans lies in the functionality and type of payment. Each plan is recommended for different needs.

Prepaid Plan

The prepaid plan allows you to purchase Credits (Emails) at any time, which will be discounted based on your Email shipments.

This Plan is recommended for companies or users that send Campaigns every once in a while, but do not want to be limited to the number of Email sendings.

Credits do not expire and are cumulative. You can find more information about Prepaid Plans here.

Monthly Plan for Subscribers

This type of Plan is designed for users who need to make regular mailings of Email Marketing Campaigns.

It’s based on the number of Subscribers you have without sending limits. This means that you can send unlimited number of Emails to a limited number of Subscribers. Choose your Monthly Plan according to the number of Subscribers you have and send as many Campaigns as you wish.
If your List surpasses the number of Subscribers allowed in your Plan, Doppler will notify you, giving you the option to upgrade to a new plan.

Even if you’ve exceeded the limit of our Plan with greater capacity, of 50.000 Subscribers, you can purchase a High Volume Plan.

You can find more information about pricing for this type of Plan here.

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  1. Marianela Conde 21 Jul 2015

    Quería hacer una consulta con respecto a mi pla.
    Cuento con un Plan Mensual | 15001/25000 Suscriptores , esto quiere decir que tengo la posibilidad de tener hasta 25.000 suscriptores en mis listas, pero no me limita en el número de envíos, no?
    Es decir, que si tengo cubierto la capacidad de mi cuenta en 18.415 suscriptores, puedo enviarles las campañas que quiera mensualmente a los 18415, no estoy limitada en el número de envíos. gracias Saludos

    1. Doppler 29 Jul 2015

      ¡Hola Marianela! ¿Cómo estás? Muchas gracias por comunicarte con nosotros. En tu caso, te recomiendo que directamente te comuniques con nuestro Equipo de Soporte para conversar las particularidades de tu plan, y te puedan explicar en detalle todo lo que necesites aclarar respecto al mismo. El Email es: soporte@fromdoppler.com ¡Saludos!

  2. Maria Belen 23 Nov 2018

    Buenas tardes, necesito saber si al pagar, la parte de abajo en el que dice doppler se quita.

    1. Julieta de Doppler 30 Nov 2018

      Hola María Belén, efectivamente contratando un cualquier Plan podrás personalizar el footer. Saludos, Julieta de Doppler