What’s a Preheader and how to use it

The Preheader is the text that follows the subject line when previewing an email, and plays an important role within the Email Marketing Campaign.Use it to your advantage, it will be the key to the success of your communication!

The Preheader is the initial text that follows the Subject line, is the key to improve your Open Rate.

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What can you do with the Preheader?

Thanks to the visibility, dynamism and adaptability, the Preheader allows you to improve your Email Open Rate. Among the different uses, we suggest: Stimulate a call to action (Call to Action). Provide a summary of your Email content. Establish the subscription reason, answer the question “Why am I getting this Email?” Inform about expiry dates of deals and promotions.

How to include a Preheader?

When creating your campaign with Doppler, complete the Basic Information and there you can choose if you want to add content to the Preheader field. If you leave it empty, it will leave an empty space in that section.

Panel Control Preheader

#DopplerTips: Take advantage of the small piece of text that is below the Subject when an Email arrives in the inbox of your subscriber and increases your Open Rate.

Remember that the Preheader has a maximum of characters, so you should limit your content to 85-100. The length shown varies according to the email used, the browser and device, but we recommend try your Preheader in several Emails and mobile devices with traditional and landscape view.

We remind you that this feature operates correctly in Gmail, Yahoo and Mac Mail, but does not apply in Hotmail, Outlook 2013 and Thunderbird.


The Preheader is the key to encourage the opening of an Email. Be careful! Optimize this section by solving the first question that every subscriber takes: Why am I getting this Email? Do not confuse them with an excessive copy and links, rather concentrate on generating a clear Call to Action.

How to to add it in your HTML?

If you want your Preheader to appear at the top of your Email HTML, you must got to the Control Panel of your Doppler Account, then go to the preferences of your Campaign and there activate it click at “Show Preheader at the top of my Campaigns”. If you don’t want to use it , by default this option is not activated, so just keep it disable.

Control Panel Preheader

Preheaders for the Mobile World

This feature helps you to improve the preview for mobile phones and Smartphones by adapting it to different types of screen designs.

Now put Preheaders in practice to optimize your Email Marketing Campaigns in Doppler. If you don’t have your account yet, you can create it totally free and without limit of shipments, don’t miss this great opportunity!^11DDC8B064903D42E92670FACA642371D5A3F29B837CE51188^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr

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  1. Sandra Martínez 21 Mar 2016

    Contratamos hace unos días un plan con ustedes. Pero no puedo cambiar el e-mail de contacto con el que me inscribí, que es el mío y debo enviar como remitente el de contacto de la empresa. ¿Cómo lo puedo hacer? es urgente, si me pueden ayudar.

    1. Julieta de Doppler 22 Mar 2016

      Hola Sandra, ¿cómo estás? En realidad la cuenta la puedes crear con cualquier Email porque no influye en el remitente. En el momento de crear una Campaña puedes elegir el Email de remitente que desees mostrar y también te damos la opción de colocar uno distinto de respuesta. De igual forma te paso una captura explicando mejor a lo que me refiero 🙂 http://screencast.com/t/FRKHdvt4Xl . Cualquier duda adicional puedes escribirnos a [email protected]. Saludos, Julieta de Doppler.