What are the differences between pausing and stopping an Automation?

Pause or stop? That is the question. Find out what option you should choose according to what you want to do.

If you have active Automations, you may have seen these two options:

Stop or pause Email Marketing Automation

Do you know what each one implies and which one should you choose according to your need? Let’s see it!

What does Stop Automation mean?

The Stop Automation action is ideal in situations where you need to modify elements within the flow or when you want Automation not to continue active. Clicking on this button will occur as follows:

You’ll be able to edit all the elements of the Automation flow such as Emails, Wait Times, Actions and Conditions.

Those Subscribers who are in the middle of your Automation flow, won’t move forward into the following steps and new Subscribers won’t enter either.

When reactivating the Campaign, it’ll start again from the beginning, as if it was the first time you activate it. Therefore, those Subscribers who already were in the flow, will start all over again. When it’s an Signup-based Automation, only Contacts that have entered after the reinitialization will be added to the flow.

What does Pause Automation mean?

Clicking on this button will occur as follows:

While your Campaign is paused, new Subscribers won’t enter the Automation flow.

  • When it’s a Sign-up based Automation flow, after you restart it, Subscribers won’t be incorporated into the flow.
  • When it’s an Automation for E-commerce flow (On-Site Tracking, Product Retargeting or Abandoned Cart), it depends on the configured waiting time. Subscribers will continue into the flow and will receive the Emails only if the waiting time is less than the time the Automation has been paused.

You will be able to edit the Emails and the Wait Times you have into the flow, and when you restart it they will be sent including those changes.

When you restart your Automation, those Subscribers who already were in the flow will continue moving forward into the following steps they were before the Automation was paused.

The Pause Automation action is helpful when you don’t want new Subscribers to enter the flow, but you want those already inside to complete it. It’s also helpful if you want to edit any part of your Emails and the Wait Times.

In Doppler, we continue adding features to make your work easier. If you have any questions, let us know through the comments section of this article or by writing to [email protected].

Have a great Campaign!

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