Doppler Relay: Meet our Email Transactional service

Would you like to send Emails with invoices or attachments? Then, you should count on a Transactional Email strategy. Discover it’s main uses and benefits and in which way Doppler Relay can make your work simpler.

Transactional Emails are those that are sent in an immediate way as an answer to an action that a user does on your application or website.

Examples of Transactional Email

For the better understanding of the concept we will show you some common cases where you can use these types of messages.

  • Payment confirmation
  • Booking confirmation
  • Bank transferences notice
  • Password reset
  • Activation account confirmation
  • Insurance policy attachment
  • Financial status attached

Why should you hire a Transactional Email service?

In case you are already sending these types of messages using your own servers, you should consider that if you don’t have an specialized service it may bring you some inconveniences, such as:

  • Your IP’s may be blocked and your reputation may be affected.
  •  Your servers can be overloaded, since they are not prepared for Transactional Email.
  • Your Emails may suffer delays on their arrival.
  • You’ll probably have a big number of Emails that’ll arrive as a SPAM
  • You will not be able to access to any reports or analytics of the Emails you send.  
  • You’ll not have any certainty that your Transactional Emails will get to the inbox of your users.

Doppler Relay Advantages

When using a specific service specially developed for sending Transactional Emails, such as Doppler Relay, you will be able to stop worrying about it and focus on other important aspects of your strategy.

Customized Service

Our team of professionals will provide you a solution completely adjusted to the needs of your business.


In the Email Transactional world, the deliverability concept is fundamental, since it’s essential to guarantee the arrival into the inbox of your contacts.

These messages are the consequences of an action taken by the user, therefore, the client will be waiting for it, since it will probably contain valuable information for him. If your Email does not reach its destination, it will seriously affect the user experience.

That’s why we’ve hired servers around the whole world, so it will reduce to the minimum the chances that your message suffers a delay and increase the speed of the arrival. It’s in excellent?


If you are able to count on statistical information on the delivery of your Transactional Emails, you will find out what your strengths and weakness are inside your strategy, and also look into your clients and their favorite things.

Thanks to the detailed Reports from Doppler Relay you will have access to the following information:

  • Sent Emails
  • Delivered Emails
  • Average Emails per day
  • Hard & Soft Bounces
  • Spam Reports
  • Open Rate
  • Click Rate


Doppler Relay is ideal for sending Emails with confidential information since all the messages are encrypted through SSL Protocols. This way, your Emails will be save and far from being intercepted by external agents.

Support and Customer Service

Just as in Doppler, you’ll have available a Customer Service Support Team whom you may contact via email or by telephone to answer all of your questions and doubts.

Types of connections for Doppler Relay

We developed three types of connections to offer you the best solution available. Discover which one is the most convenient to your business!

Connection via SMTP

This is the most basic method. You’ll only need to set it up and have 4 values and it’ll automatically start to deliver your messages from Doppler Relay. 

Connection by Batch through FTP Delivering

The goal of this method is to be able to send a determined quantity of Emails. This format is commonly used to send credit cards or account summaries. It consists in leaving an FTP of Doppler and a ZIP file or CSV document  with the data to send.

Connection through API Rest

This method is used in a similar way as SMTP, one message per connection is sended. The advantage is that it counts with more options of customization, for example, you can send an Email with a specific template, include Personalized Fields and so on.

Are you ready to meet Doppler Relay? Request a free Demo!

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  1. juan 12 May 2016

    Hola me interesaría saber el costo de Doppler Relay.
    Envío Resúmenes vía email con un pdf adjunto.
    Cuanto seria el costo usando por el momento el tipo de conexión 1: SMTP.


    1. María de Doppler 12 May 2016

      Hola Juan, ¡muchas gracias por escribirnos! En breve te estará contactando el Business Manager de Doppler Relay para responder tu consulta. Saludos, María de Doppler.

  2. Antonio 27 Feb 2018

    Hola buenas tardes, tengo una apikey de su sitio, nos gustaría solo enviar correo electrónico a través de una petición rest, por su plataforma sin tener que crear una campaña, esto es posible ?

    1. Claudio de Doppler 2 Mar 2018

      Hola Antonio, claro que es posible. Puedes enviar Campañas de Email Marketing a través de Doppler utilizando nuestra API Hipermedia, aquí tienes la documentación necesaria para hacerlo
      Si quieres enviar Emails con archivos adjuntos o necesitas a Doppler Relay como herramienta de Email Transaccional, puedes ver su documentación aquí Saludos, Claudio de Doppler 🙂

  3. paula 8 Jun 2018

    me han enviado un correo a traves de doppler y no viene el archivo adjunto, como lo puedo ver

    1. Claudio de Doppler 13 Jul 2018

      Buenas tardes Paula, no queda del todo claro el motivo de tu consulta, por favor escríbenos un correo a sporte@fromdoppler e intentaremos ayudarte. Saludos, Claudio de Doppler.

  4. Mailen 9 Jun 2021

    Un aporte muy interesante. Gracias por la información. Saludos.

    1. Soledad Paz 11 Jun 2021

      ¡Gracias Mailen!
      Quedamos a tu disposición ante cualquier consulta 🙂
      Saludos, Sole de Doppler.