How to integrate Doppler with Dynamics

If you are a user of this popular CRM, you may be interested in how to synchronize with a Doppler account, to manage your Email Marketing Campaigns and Contact Lists from there and send hyper-personalized communications. Find out how to integrate Doppler with Dynamics!

Integration between platforms allows you to:

  • Synchronize Accounts, Contacts and Leads you have into your CRM and save them also into Doppler Lists.
  • Make a Field mapping, so the information about each Contact will be saved into Basic and Custom Doppler Fields.
  • Get information about Doppler Lists, Contacts and Campaigns directly from the Dynamics dashboard, and make changes that will be impacted also in Doppler.
  • See Reports of your Email y Automation Campaigns, focusing on Deliverability metrics.

Before going on, don’t you have a Doppler account yet? Create it for free right now, so you can integrate Doppler and Dynamics.

Important: Integration must be done 100% from your Dynamics account.

Integrate Doppler and Dynamics 365 step by step

To download Doppler Plugin for Dynamics:

  1. From the icon of your Dynamics desk, go to “Advanced Settings”.
  2. Choose the “Microsoft AppSource” option.
  3. Write “Doppler” at the search bar.
  4. Click “Obtain now” and complete the required information in the next step.

Well done! You’ve completed the download. You’ll find the plugin in the “APP Switcher” section of the CRM. 

To install Doppler Plugin in Dynamics:

  1. Open the plugin. You’ll see three fields to complete at the “Settings” section:
    1. Enable: choose “Yes”.
    2. User name: it’s the Email address you also use to log in at Doppler.
    3. API Key: paste the code you’ve copied from your Doppler account. Don’t you know how to get it? Read this article.

Once you’ve completed those fields, click “Test connection”. You can continue if all the information is OK.

BEFORE CONTINUE: If you want that all users see Doppler information from Dynamics, the admin must give “Doppler users” permissions to each of them.

Now we suggest mapping Fields and matching marketing lists with Doppler Lists.

Manage your Doppler account from Dynamics 365

By mapping Fields, the information you have into your CRM will also be at Doppler.

Mapping Fields

At this step, you match CRM Entities with Basic and Custom Doppler Fields. So every information update done at Dynamics will also impact Doppler.

IMPORTANT: Changes must be done always at Dynamics, to guarantee the correct synchronization.

Some Fields are mapped by default, but you can make some changes or add new Fields.

To do this action, you have to:

  1. Go to the “Settings” section of your CRM.
  2. At mapping Fields, choose the Entity you want to map with a Doppler Field: Accounts, Contacts or Leads. Later we’ll explain more about each one.
  3. Some fields will appear below, so you can map them as you want. You can also add or delete mapped fields. Don’t forget to save changes.

Important information about the “Country” Field:

To map it correctly, previously you have to create a Custom Field at Doppler (text type). This is because currently, Dynamics cannot support [[[Country]]] Doppler Field format.

From the Mapped Fields section of the CRM, you can check which Dynamic Entity has been mapped with a Doppler Field. You can also make new mappings or delete any of them.

Now it’s time to add members to a CRM marketing list.

Add members to a marketing list

CRM Entities (or registers) must be into marketing lists so then they can be synchronized with Doppler Lists.

Dynamics Entities or registers are:

  • Accounts: Include information about stores and businesses that are current clients or that were clients in the past.
  • Contacts: Are people of each one of these stores, businesses or organizations. 
  • Leads: Here you find information about potentials or expected clients.

In the “marketing lists” section you’ll see all the options. There are some marketing lists associated by default with some Entities, these are called “Active marketing lists”.

You’ll find them in the “My active marketing lists” category if you create your own marketing lists. 

The column “Type member” shows which type of Entity the marketing list would be associated with. For example, Contacts must only be associated with this type of marketing lists. 

To add members to a marketing list you have to:

  1. Click the marketing list you’ve chosen. Once you’re inside it, choose “Manage members”.
  2. Look for the registers you want to add from the search bar.
  3. Select them and click “Add”. It’s done!

Let’s see how to synchronize CRM marketing lists and Doppler Lists.

Synchronize CRM marketing lists and Doppler Lists

This is very important: the information won’t be saved at Doppler if you skip this step.

From the “Doppler Lists” section you can create as much as you want. No need to login to Doppler!

To synchronize a marketing list with a Doppler List you have to:

  1. At Doppler Lists, click the list you want to synchronize. Once you’re inside, at “General” you’ll see the associated marketing list. Clicking (—) you’ll see all of them, so you can select any of them.

Well done! Associated Entities with those marketing lists will synchronize with Doppler Lists.

Finish the integration between Doppler and Dynamics

Now you can synchronize both platforms! Return to “Settings” and click “Synchronize”. It starts a complete and automatic process into Dynamics, but users can work on it simultaneously. From now on, every change with a member in a marketing list will also be changed in Doppler Lists.

The plugin has been installed successfully and the apps are now integrated! Data sync is unidirectional, it means that information and its updates on your CRM will impact also Doppler.

Find out which Doppler issues you are available to view from your CRM.

Campaign’s previews

At “Doppler Campaigns” you’ll see details about sent Campaigns:

  • Subject
  • Campaign Name
  • Sending Date

You can also see a miniature version of the Campaign. If you click, you’ll see the main metrics about it.

In the case of Email Automation Campaigns, the available information is:

That was all. You are ready to integrate Doppler and Dynamics and take advantage of them. Enjoy the integration!

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