On-Site Tracking: how to link domains to each other

Linking one or several domains to each other in Doppler will allow you to know the On-Site Tracking of your contacts on the different pages of your website and link that navigation to a contact’s email address. This tool will add an extra in favor of your email marketing strategy. Let’s see how to link in a few steps.

With this feature you will be able to schedule automated campaigns considering different domains or subdomains, relate them to each other, and capture the behavior of your contacts on different pages associated with a single user to respond to different actions.

Verify domains for on-site behavior

The first step is to add, configure and verify the domains that will be integrated with your Doppler account and on which the tracking will be performed. Follow the step by step of this configuration in the help on Automation for On-Site Tracking.

Once the domains are registered you will get a tracking code that you will have to insert in each page you want to track. There are two ways to do this:

  • Paste it in the HTML tag of your site.
  • Insert it through Google Tag Manager.

The second option is faster, easier and you don’t need any technical knowledge to do it.

In order to perform the linking between domains first select one of the domains as “Main Domain”. This means that it will be the one that will register all the information of all the linked domains.

Linking domains: how to insert scripts

The tracking code you insert on your “Main Domain” site must have a at the end the property “domainsToBeLinked”. The domains you want to link could be similar to this one:

In this example you will be able to link the “Main Domain” with the domains of “Doppler1.com” and “Doppler3.com”.

Afterwards, you will have to insert in each of the sites of your “Secondary domains” the tracking code as you can copy it from Doppler:

Once these two steps are done you will have the linking done:

  • Add the modified tracking code on the main domain.
  • Add the unmodified tracking code in the remaining domains.

Remember that you can link two or more domains as long as all of them are verified. Now that you know how to link domains together you will be able to get valuable on-site behavioral data to help you with your strategy.

Any questions? You can contact our Customer Service team by WhatsApp. We are here to help you.

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