Average Campaign Sending time according to number of Contacts

The main goal of this post is to inform you about the Campaign Sending time according to its size, so you’ll have an approximate idea of how long it takes to complete the shipment.

If you are sending Email Marketing Campaigns with Doppler, you know that an important decision is about the Sending type. You may choose a Scheduled Send Out at the day and time you prefer, set up a Smart Send Out so Doppler makes it at the best moment for each Contact, or send your Campaign immediately; in that case, it will be delivered when you click the “Send” button.

When a Campaign is being sent a technical process starts, and it affects the Campaigns’ Sending time; it will be shorter or longer depending on how many Contacts you want to send the Campaign.

Immediate Send Out, is really immediate?

When you decide it’s all OK and click on the “Send” button, Doppler puts (queue) your Campaign into its MTA Serversso your Campaign goes away from there to each recipient’s Inbox.

Although it is done quickly and automatically, you should bear in mind that the larger the Shipment (number of recipients), the longer it will take to complete.

At this graphic, you see how much time the Sending needs according to its size:

campaign sending time

*Values calculated from the Campaign Sending time of our users,
and they are references for each range.


The Campaign Sending is completed. What’s next?

After the Campaign Sending is completed, it’s time to go to the Reports section! There you’ll see the total of sending Emails, how many were successfully delivered, and how many were Bounced for many reasons. This is useful information to improve your actions!

Have a great Campaign 🙂  


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