Tips you should have when using your account for academic purposes

Are you a student and do you use Doppler to learn about Email Marketing? If so, you should take into account some tips to make your shipments without any inconvenience. We share with you our main Use Policies in Email Marketing workshops, courses or training campaigns with Doppler.

  • Create your account with a personal domain: If several people share the same mailbox domain, for example employees of the same company, or students who have email boxes with the domain of the same institute, it is necessary that they register with a personal domain each, so that the accounts are not cancelled.
  • Avoid images or logos of brands that do not belong to you: Spoofing consists of usurping an electronic identity to hide one’s own identity and thus commit crimes on the Internet. To prevent this from happening, do not include in your campaigns any type of visual content from companies that you are not a part of. We advise you to use free stock images on copyright-free sites.
  • Do not mention names, emails or the website of companies of which you are not a part: As in the previous point, avoid carrying out your campaigns with information from existing companies. Submitting material that violates copyrights or trademarks is prohibited. We advise you to use names and contact details of your own or fictitious companies.
  • Identify the lists you make for educational purposes: Define your subscriber lists with a name that indicates that it was created for student purposes. For example, the name of your list could be “Digital Marketing Class 2022”. In this way, if you have any problems, we can better monitor your campaigns.
  • Do not send campaigns that include restricted content: Do not include in your emails any type of promotion or content that is pornographic, sexual, offensive, discriminatory, illegal, used to harass, escort services, dating services, pharmaceutical products, gambling, debtor services, offer followers or interaction for networks social, etc. You already know everything important to start making successful shipments 🙂

And remember that if you have more questions, you can contact our Customer Service team by WhatsApp. We will be happy to help you with whatever you need.

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