How to create effective Email Campaigns with Doppler

Are you ready to prepare your first Campaign? You need to read this article! We will not only explain you how to run each step to set up your shipment, but we will also give you a tutorial video made by one of our experts. If you miss it, you will regret it!

Step 1: Create your Contact Lists

To have all your Subscribers at your disposal you need to import them. To do this, you have 3 available options:

Import Subscribers: Upload a .TXT or .CSV file.

Add manually: Enter your Contacts, one by one.

From a Form: Create one to feed a List.

Do you want to achieve the maximum personalization in your shipments? Then create Segments by grouping Subscribers from demographic (gender, age, country) or behavioral data (contacts that did’n t open your Campaign).

#DopplerTips: Foward your Campaign to those Contacts who haven’t opened it the first time.

Another action that will help you reach your database with personalized messages is using Custom Fields. You can create up to 40 and they can be either date, text or numeric fields. Thus, if you have a [[[Name]]] field your piece will reach each user with their respective data.

Step 2: Define the characteristics of your shipment

At this point, you should write the name of the Campaign, Subject, Pre header, Sender name and the Email Address where you want the Subscribers to respond.

Don’t ever leave the Subject for the end! Try not to exceed 50 characters and avoid using words like Spam, free, discount, offer, sex, etc. You shouldn’t write it entirely in capital letters or abuse the exclamation marks either.

#DopplerTips: Use a clearly identifiable Sender and an Email Sender with own domain, for example, [email protected].

Step 3: Set the content of your Campaign

You’ve come to the most fun stage! It’s time to select the type of Campaign you want to send. You have 3 choices:

Classic Campaign: Create a traditional shipping.

Social Campaign: Integrate your Social Networks so that your Subscribers can viralize your posts on their profiles.

Test A/B Campaign: Send two different versions of Subjects or Contents and discover which is the most effective.

When creating the content of your piece you can choose from these options:

Import an HTML file: Drag a .ZIP file containing the HTML and images of the Campaign.

Select a Template: Access our gallery of free Templates and select the one that best suits your needs. Explore all the categories we have in Doppler: eCommerce, Special Dates, Layouts, Industries, Birthday, Newsletter, Surveys and more.

Create from the Editor: Easily build Plain Text Campaigns.

#DopplerTips: Use this type of shipments when you want your contacts to think that is a person who writes to them.

Step 4: Send your Email Campaigns

Almost done! Once you have defined the content, you must decide if you want to send your piece immediately or schedule it for a specific date and time. This offers you the possibility to get out of your shipments and continue performing other actions. The Campaign will arrive just at the time you’ve specified!

Step 5: Analyze your Reports and optimize your shipments

Doppler provides a wide variety of indicators to let you know the positive and negative aspects of your Campaigns. In this way, you can access data such as:

– Delivery Rate

– Opening Rate

– Rebound Rate

– Removals

– Activity Links

– Social impact

– Geolocation

– Email clients and types of devices with which your Emails are opened

Being aware of these metrics will help you optimize your next shipments. Don’t miss this opportunity and design effective Email Campaigns!

You want to put into practice all these advices? Create a free account, with unlimited shipments in Doppler and discover the power of Email Marketing.

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