Which are the Free trial limitations?

Any person can sign up in Doppler and create an account, a Free trial with all the features, did you know that? However, it has some limitations you may know before creating an account. Let’s talk about them!

If you will try a Doppler-Free account you must know that:

It expires after 90 days.

After that day, you cannot send Campaigns or start new Email Automation flows. Related to this, if you had Scheduled Campaigns ready to be sent after the expiration, they will move to Draft. And if you had Email Automation flows started before, they will be paused

Don’t panic! You can send Campaigns again and start (or restart) Email Automation flows after buy any Doppler Plan.

You can import up to 500 Contacts.

Whether you get them from a Subscription Form, from an integration with another platform, or you upload them from a file, the Doppler Free trial only allows 500 Contacts to be saved. 

Need to send Campaigns to more than that? We suggest you take a look at our Plans by Contacts, and choose the perfect one for you. And if you need a bigger one in the future, you can buy it from your Doppler account.

An important detail: the first 500 Contacts can’t be deleted and replaced for another. But purchasing any Plan the #1 limitation won’t be a problem anymore (the account expiration).

Your Campaigns and Forms will have a Doppler signature.

Both Doppler’s Campaign Editor and Doppler’s Forms Editor allow you to personalize every single element with your business “look and like”. However, the Campaigns you’ll send and the Forms you’ll deliver will have a Doppler signature at the footer, with a link. 

But relax! At the time you make an upgrade, new Campaigns and/or Forms won’t have it anymore.

You won’t have the “View Online” link.

Both Doppler Templates and Doppler Campaigns created or sent from a Paid account have a public link in order to visualize them in browsers. This is really useful when you’re working with your team on a new Campaign, so a colleague can see it without logging into Doppler. It is also valuable for your Contacts, because they can see the content of a Campaign directly from an URL, and eventually share it with another person.

If you want to have a public link from any Template or Campaign, you’ll get it from the moment you buy a Premium Plan, no matter the Plan type or its pricing! 

You cannot do SMS Marketing.

Do you know that you can complement your Email and Automation Marketing Campaigns with SMS, sending them directly from Doppler? This channel has an unbelievable Open Rate, we highly recommend to send them and create an omnichannel strategy!

To send SMS with Doppler first you need to have a Paid account; then you can configure them easily with this tutorial.    

That was all. Hope you take advantage of the Doppler Free trial as much as you can! 🙂

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