How to design shocking Campaigns in the Doppler Editor

How to create effective Calls To Action? How to organize your Email so that it’s read to the end? If every time you create an Email Campaign you get these questions, you must read this post.

In Doppler, the premise is you don’t need to have design or HTML knowledge to create an Email Marketing Campaign that achieves the results you look for. That’s why we have a Drag & Drop Template Editor that allows you to include images, tables, texts, spaces, Social Network buttons and much more just by dragging and dropping each element on your Email.

Why is UX important in Email Marketing

The User Experience is the sum of feelings and emotions generated by the different interactions a person have with a product, service or device, in a given context. The better the user experience is (shipments personalization, frequency, value proposal and design will be really useful), the better results you will get.

How to achieve this? By getting to know your Subscribers in depth (which Email clients they use to open Campaigns, their demographic characteristics, interests and needs, etc.).

What is an effective Email Campaign?

The efficacy is related to the ability to produce a desired effect with authenticity. So the first thing you have to think about is what effect do you want to generate with your Campaign. It can be to increase your sales, improve the positioning of your brand or get more Subscribers, everything will depend on what you want to prioritize.

Also, it’s important that you define the deadline for achieving your goals and what is your target audience: defines their age, gender, location, etc. On the other hand, keep in mind which sectors of the company are involved in this project. All your efforts must be aligned towards the same general goal.

Tips to design Campaigns with our Editor

Nothing better than receiving recommendations from a professional, right? Take advantage of these advices and of all the benefits that our powerful Editor offers!

Choose a Template according to your goal

In Doppler you will find a complete gallery with 100% customizable and free Templates, oriented to different industries and goals. Among the different categories, you can find: Newsletters, Holidays, eCommerce, Welcome and Survey. All of our HTML Email Templates are Responsive in order to make your Campaigns shine on all types of mobile devices.

Include the logo of your company

It’s a key factor for every piece, that your Subscribers can identify your brand as soon as they open the Email. By doing this, you will be able to create a visual identity that will give consistency to all your Email Marketing actions. Besides, it will make them easily recognizable to your clients, helping the creation of lasting ties over time.

To do this, you must go to the “Elements Panel” on the left of your screen and click on the icon called “Logo” to drag it to the top of the canvas. Once this is done, just select the image of your logo, which you must have imported from your computer to the Doppler Image Gallery. Remember that you can align it to the left, to the center or to the right and you can also add an Alternative Text and a link to your website.

Add attractive Calls To Action

Attention is a scarce resource in Online Marketing and dominating it’s kind of an art. The Call to Action (CTA), is that necessary “trigger” needed to get new conversions. It’s that element that can make the user take a specific course of action so that you can obtain a subscription, a download, a purchase, etc.

You can create two different types of Calls To Action with our Editor: one in a text format, by using a different color typography and/or an underline; and the other one, in a button format. If you choose the first one, you just have to select the text you want to turn into a Call To Action and, once the menu is displayed, click on the “T” symbol to choose the color.

Then, go to the “U” symbol to underline it. You can also increase the font size to highlight it if you want. The second one is much easier to implement. Click on the “Button” option in the Elements Panel, and drag it wherever you want it to be displayed on the canvas.

Insert images

Too easy! In order to add images to your Emails you only need to drag the “Image” element wherever you want it to be displayed and, by clicking on it, you will be able to select the file you want to import in .PNG, .JPG and .GIF formats.

Animated GIFs or videos are very effective for capturing your users attention and can be easily included from the Editor.

Pay attention to the different media and mail agents

More than half of Email agents block the images by default. So, if you locate the most important information of your Campaign in only one image and then that image is blocked, your Subscriber won’t see absolutely nothing.

It’s vital that you don’t focus the most important information only in the images. Try to be careful and structure your Campaign thinking that maybe the user won’t see them.

Remember to add the Alternative Text to each of them. This way, if they can’t be visualized by your Subscribers due to restrictions of the Email clients, the users can anyway get to know what was there and don’t run out of information.

Choose standard fonts

Doppler’s Editor supports standard and custom fonts. However, there are some Email Clients that may not admit custom fonts.

Our advice is to choose standard fonts; if you prefer a custom font and the Email Client doesn’t accept it, Doppler will replace it automatically with a standard one. So you can be sure that your Subscribers can read your Campaigns correctly, even if they use Gmail, Outlook or any other Email Client.

Use columns and hierarchies

One of the main advantages of Doppler’s Editor is that it allows you to access pre-designed structures to facilitate the creation of your pieces. This means that you can drag items such as:

– Image.

– One column with an image

– Two columns with images.

– Three columns with images.

– Image and text.

– Separators.

At the same time, you can provide visual hierarchies to your Emails by using Elements such as: Titles, Subtitles and Paragraphs.

Once your Subject has captured your users attention, they’ll begin to do scroll and stop in what they find more interesting. Make sure of put the most relevant information at the beginning of the Email. If you leave it for the end of the Campaign, you will be making a serious mistake, since it’s very likely that the user doesn’t read the last titles.

The complete experience

It’s important that you keep in mind all those factors that generate a positive experience for the user. Each one of them contributes giving relevance to the final content. Remember that the design will effectively communicate only if your Subscribers can see it correctly and understand it efficiently.

In order to give a completely positive experience do have to focus on these aspects:

– List Segmentation.

– Subject.

– Shipment frequency.

– Shipping time.

– Value proposal.

– Design and communication.

Preview your piece before sending it

Did you know that Doppler gives you the possibility of previewing your Email on both desktop and mobile devices? So, if you have doubts about how your pieces will look like, just click on the “Preview” button. As easy as that!

Another option at your disposal is the Send Test, you can use it to see how your Email looks like before send it. Simplify your work and increase the effectiveness of your Campaigns!

We know, you can’t wait to try our Editor! Create a totally free account up to 500 Subscribers and start to apply these design tips to your Email Campaigns.

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