How to integrate Doppler and Lander

Do you want to integrate your Landing Pages with your Email Marketing Campaigns and increase your database? Learn how to unify Lander and Doppler and have exact information to know how to convert Subscribers into real customers.

If you already use Lander and Doppler separately as tools for Email Marketing and also Landing Pages, growing your database will be easy. First of all, you need to login to your Doppler account, go to Lists and then select the List that you want to integrate with Lander.

You’ll next see your API Key and List ID, go ahead and copy those numbers because you’ll need to paste them into Lander.


Next, login to your Lander account and then select the Landing that you want to integrate your Doppler List with. So, once you are inside the Landing Pages Dashboard, enter the section entitled “Integrate Your Landing Page”.


Click where it says Doppler and paste the Api Key and List ID that you copied from Doppler and then Update to perform the integration. If the icon turns green, this means it’s working and integrated correctly.


And that’s it! Now, when a new visitor arrives on your Landing page and completes the Form, you’ll officially have a new Subscriber in the List that you configured in Doppler. So, with this integration between Doppler and Lander You can now automate the feed of any Doppler Lists you link to your Landing Pages.

Integrate Doppler and Lander and get the perfect combination!

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