How to remove multiple Subscribers at once

Performing a proper maintenance and cleaning your Database is essential to increase the effectiveness of your Email Marketing strategy. With this functionality, your work will be more than simple!

From now on, Doppler allows you to import a file including the Subscribers that you need to remove so that you can do it in one go. Easy, isn’t it?

First of all, log in to your Doppler’s account. Don’t have one yet? You can create it for free here. Then you should go to the Lists section and click on Subscribers.

Lists section

There you’ll access the Master Subscribers where you’ll see all the contacts in your account.

Master Subscribers

Press the Remove button. A box will pop up, and there you’ll have to import your file including all the contacts you want to remove. The file must be the same format as the rest of the files that you normally use to import your Subscribers into Lists.

Import Subscribers to remove

Pay attention! Because once removed, you’ll have to ask them to re-subscribe to your Lists.

Once that’s done, click Remove Subscribers. You’ll see a box indicating that the order is being processed and that once it’s finished, you’ll receive an email notifying you.

Processing data pop up

That’s all! It was simpler than you thought, wasn’t it?

It should be noted that the fact that your Subscribers are removed doesn’t mean that they’ll be eliminated from your account, they’ll be disassociated from all your Lists, and therefore, won’t receive any of your Campaigns.

Also keep in mind that this functionality isn’t enabled for Plans by Subscribers. Amazing!

Each time you have more functionalities especially designed to facilitate your work and to improve your Campaigns results. Take advantage of them! Have a great Campaign!

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  1. utn 23 Mar 2017

    tengo problemas no me muestra el botón remover, podrián borrarme todos los contactos, porque probe varias maneras de hacerlo pero no hay caso.

    1. Sebastián de Doppler 31 Mar 2017

      Hola, ¡gracias por tu consulta! El botón “Remover” solo aparece en las cuentas de usuarios con Planes Prepagos, como menciona el artículo, esta opción no está disponible para Planes por Suscriptores. Saludos, Sebastián de Doppler 🙂

  2. Victoria 7 Jun 2017

    Hola, quiero hacer este proceso para alimianr varios contactos juntos de una empresa que cerró y no me aparece el boton REMOVER, me pueden ayudar?

    1. Julieta de Doppler 9 Jun 2017

      ¡Hola Victoria! El botón “Remover” solo aparece en las cuentas de usuarios con Planes Prepagos, como menciona el artículo, esta opción no está disponible para Planes por Suscriptores. Saludos, Julieta de Doppler ?

  3. Noelia 17 Dec 2018

    Me parece a mi, o que solo tenga la opción de remover para planes Prepagos, es una gran falla de usabilidad? Tengo que entrar uno por uno para borar mis suscriptores? Es poco amigable la plataforma si hace tan tedioso algo que deberia ser sencillo. Saludos!

    1. Noelia de Doppler 17 Apr 2019

      Hola Noelia, la remoción de varios Suscriptores en simultáneo es posible solo en Planes Prepagos; en el caso de Planes por Suscriptores, por el momento la remoción es uno a uno. Gracias por tu comentario y disculpas por las molestias ocasionadas. Saludos, Noelia de Doppler