How to integrate Tokko Broker with Doppler

Are you a Tokko Broker user and you would like to keep in touch with all your clients and leads? It’s easy if you know how to take advantage of the power of Email Marketing. Keep reading this post and learn to integrate this powerful real estate CRM with Doppler.

Step by step to integrate your Tokko account with Doppler

First, in order to perform this integration you will need an account in Doppler. You can create a free one here.
Once logged into your Doppler account, access the “Control Panel” located in the upper right corner of your screen.

Access the “Control Panel” in Doppler.

Scroll down and click the “TOKKO BROKER” button located in the “Integrations and advanced preferences” section.

Click the “TOKKO BROKER” button.

Enter your Tokko Broker API Key and press “Enter”.

Enter your Tokko Broker API Key.

In order to find your Tokko Broker API KEY you need to access your account and select the “MY COMPANY” options in the “PERMISSIONS” section.

Find your Tokko Broker API KEY.

The API KEY will be displayed in your screen. Copy it and paste it into your Doppler account.

Copy and paste your Tokko API Key into your Doppler account.

After that, click the “Connect” button and that’s it! Both apps are now connected. If you need to disconnect this integration you can do it using the “Disconnect” option.

Click the "Connect" button.

Also you can activate the notifications function to receive email alerts each time both account sync.
And if you need to synchronize your contacts manually, you can do it by clicking the “Sync” button.Synchronize your contacts manually by clicking the “Sync” button.

Finally, in order to check the imported Subscribers received from your Tokko Broker account, you only need to access the “LISTS” menu in Doppler and enter the List called “Tokko Contacts”.

Check your “Tokko Contacts” in your “LISTS” menu in Doppler.

We hope this post helped you integrating Tokko Broker and Doppler Email Marketing.

Have a great Campaign!

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  1. franklin 4 Feb 2016

    Que tan segura son las campañas

    1. Julieta del Equipo de Doppler 19 Feb 2016

      Hola Franklin, nuestras Campañas son super seguras porque nos basamos en metodologías que lo hacen posible. Por ejemplo, aquí tienes un artículo que habla de nuestros certificados anti suplantación de identidad:

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      Muchas gracias por elegirnos.
      Julieta del Equipo de Doppler