How to measure your Social Media Campaigns virality

Do you want to know how your Email Campaign performed on Social Media? Discover on which network it was shared the most, how many times it was shared and who exactly made your piece go viral.

To take effective and results-oriented decisions, you should carefully study your Email Campaigns metrics. Follow these steps and take advantage of our powerful reports, which will help you find the best strategies.

How to access the Social Networks report

The first step is to log into your Doppler account. Once you have entered, click on Reports.


Choose the Campaign you want to analyze and, in the Types of Report section, select Social Networks. Doppler shows you, with a graph, the number of times your Campaign was shared. In addition, on your right, you will see the number of shares you got in each network.

Do you want to compare the number and percentage results? Go ahead! You can also get to know promptly the Names and Email addresses of the Subscribers who chose each Social Network, by clicking on each of them.

Are you interested in keeping these data on an Excel spreadsheet? Click on Download Report and an Email with a file attached will be sent to the Email address you indicate.

Now that you know on which networks your Campaigns go more viral, do you want to know what these data will be useful for? You can either autopublish your pieces on the networks that your Subscribers prefer or offer a specific promotion on these platforms and optimize your results!

Discover how your Email Campaigns go viral and which networks your Subscribers choose. Best of luck in your next actions!

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  1. Alejandro 2 Aug 2017

    Qué significan las “visitas” de cada red social en donde se viraliza? Alcance? Visualizaciones? Clicks?
    Es muy bueno tener el detalle de nombres de suscriptores que viralizaron. Gracias,

    1. Joaquín de Doppler 31 Aug 2017

      ¡Hola Alejandro! Las visitas de cada red social son las personas que hicieron clic en la publicación que realizaron tus Suscriptores al compartir la Campaña. Nos alegra que nuestro Reporte de Impacto Social te sea de utilidad. Saludos, Joaquín de Doppler 🙂