How to use our Email Marketing ROI Calculator

If you’re looking to quantify economically the success of your Campaigns, you have Doppler’s ROI calculator to measure the Return on Investment.

The purpose of the Return on Investment (ROI) metric is to measure, per period, rates of return on money invested. This will reflect how efficiently your Campaigns did.

What is?

The ROI is one of the key ratios of Email Marketing. It is essential that you learn to measure this return to compare the benefit and profit earned in relation to the efforts.

What is its function?

The ROI allows you to quantify financially if your Email Campaign had the economic success you were expecting. It will show you how much did you earn in relation to the capital invested in your Campaign.

Thanks to the Return on Investment you can make decisions in the future to help you narrow down your resources and budget. Always remember that the number incurred in the calculator will be positive or negative based on the goal that you propose in terms of business strategy.

Calculate your ROI with Doppler

With the useful of Doppler calculator and you can find out the ROI of each Campaign.

To do this, you must go to our ROI Calculator and evaluate how successful are your actions in Email Marketing. There you have to complete some fields to analyze the ROI of your Campaign:

Amount of Subscribers: The total number of contacts you’ve sent your Campaign to.

Campaign’s Cost: The estimated cost of the production and execution of your Campaign.

Open Rate: Percentage of Subscribers that opened your Email.

Conversion Rate: Percentage of Subscribers who converted (buy, register, download, etc).

Value per Conversion: The total cost spent by each Subscriber that has for example purchased your product.


Evaluate the results of the ROI

Once you complete these five fields with the information you get from Doppler Reports, click on the calculate ROI button to discover a complete graph.

You can stop and analyze thrown Calculator Doppler values:

Cost per Contact: How much did it cost to reach each Subscriber.

Number of Openings: Total amount of Subscribers who opened your Campaign.

Number of Conversions: Total amount of Subscribers who converted.

Revenue: Total amount of money obtained.

Profit: Total amount of money remaining after all costs have been deducted.

Cost per open Email: How much did it cost each opening of your Campaigns.

Cost per Conversion: How much did it cost each conversion.

ROI: Return On Investment percentage.


Now you have the knowledge of all the parameters to be considered to calculate what is the Return on Investment in your Email Campaign.

Thanks to our powerful Calculator you can make better decisions and optimize your next budget on Marketing Online!

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