Jumpseller: step-by-step guide to integration

Jumpseller is an e-commerce platform that allows you to easily and quickly create an online store to sell through various channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Google Shopping. Now you can link your Jumpseller store with Doppler and use all the power of email marketing automation. Discover in this guide the step by step for Jumpseller and Doppler integration.

At this stage, you will be able to synchronize your products in Jumpseller with Doppler templates and also send promotional campaigns to your contacts.

How to connect Jumpseller with Doppler: the integration step by step

Get the API data from Jumpseller

1 – Log into the Jumpseller administrator.

2 – There, select “Account” > “Preferences”. Enter your account information by clicking on your email address.

3 – In the next screen you will see the API data. Copy the “Login” and “Token” codes.

Enter the API data of the store in your Doppler account

4 – Login to your Doppler account and select “Integrations”. Once there, choose the Jumpseller image.

5 – Fill in the API data with the codes you took from the Jumpseller administrator: paste in the corresponding field the “Login” and the “Token”.

If the connection was successful, you will see the information on the screen. By clicking on the “Disconnect” button, you will be able to unlink both accounts. The synchronized information will be kept (in case you have performed steps 6 and 7), but no new clients will be added to Doppler.

6 – Now you must select a Doppler List to send your customers information to. Doppler will automatically create a List called “Jumpseller Customers”. After selecting it, go to “Next”.

We call customers those visitors to your Online Store who created an account in it, regardless of whether they bought or not.

7 – To finish sending information from Jumpseller to Doppler, you must synchronize the Map Fields.

On the left you will see the information fields about your customers that you have in Jumpseller; on the right you will be able to display the list of Doppler Fields and select one, or leave the default Fields. To finish, click on “Synchronize”.

That’s it! You now have your customers’ information stored in Doppler. If you want, you can edit the Map Fields, or directly delete the mapping.

Now we will show you how to import the products of your Store in Doppler Templates, and then create a promotional Campaign.

How to import the products of your Store in Doppler Templates

1 – Go to the “Templates” section of your Doppler account and choose “Create Template”.

2 – Choose a pre-designed Template to edit it, or a blank one to design it from scratch to your liking. Remember that they are grouped by categories and you can review them and choose the one you want.

3 – Once you select the Template to edit, you must drag and drop a Product Item, and then insert them into your Template and display them in your Campaign.

You can choose to display up to three products per column, and in the case of displaying one, if you want the text to be to the right of the image or below (these are the first four items shown in the Products category).

4 – After dragging and dropping the chosen item on the canvas, in the left column select “Edit”. The list of the items you have loaded in your Store will be displayed. Choose the ones you want to include in your Campaign and then click on the “Select” button on the bottom right margin.

Note: in the product search, those products that are no longer marketed in the store will appear without the image and with the tag [DISABLED] in the description.

Good job! Your product information will be displayed and the link to the product in the Store will be automatically added to the Buy button.

Once you have edited the Template, you can create a Campaign and send it to your customers.

How to include classic and pop-up forms

Forms are a very useful tool to obtain customer data, generate contacts and add them to email campaigns. The integration of Doppler and Jumpseller allows two types of forms: the classic form that is inserted in a fixed page of the store, and the pop-up form that appears according to the preferences that are configured.

This integration is achieved by copying the form code generated in Doppler and pasting it in a specific place in the Jumpseller administrator. Let’s see.

1 – To get the code from Doppler, complete the steps in this help. The article explains how to get the code from new or existing forms.

2 – Login to your Jumpseller admin and follow this path: “Themes” > “Visual Editor”.

3 – In the “General Settings” menu, you must choose “Edit settings”.


4 – The “Edit Options” submenu will open. Scroll down to the bottom and drop down “Other options”.

5 – This is the key place where you include the code for your form. There are two spaces reserved for the code, and they are the ones under the prompts “Embed code on the end of <head>” and “Embed code on the end of <body>”. The one that says “<head>” is the space for the code of a pop-up form, while the one that says “<body>” is for a classic form. Place your code in the corresponding one.

6 – Once the code is inserted, you will see your form in the preview. You will find it in the first scroll of the page in the case of the pop-up or at the end as in this case of the classic form. Confirm the change with the “Save” button.

You are done! You will see the changes in your store.

How to automate “Abandoned Cart” and “Product Visited” in Jumpseller

There are two must-have automations to attract to your store those visitors who abandoned their product cart, or who viewed one or several specific items, but did not initiate the purchase. In the following articles, you will find:

Now that you know how to integrate Doppler with Jumpseller, add automations and import your products in Templates to send Email Marketing Campaigns, the only thing left to do is to get started.

Good luck with your Campaigns! 🙂 


Any questions? You can contact our Customer Service team by WhatsApp. We are here to help you.

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