Know why your Subscribers are removed

Now, with Doppler you can download the Reports of your Campaigns and learn in detail the Removals that have been generated to your Lists depending on your Email sent. You can analyze how many Subscribers were removed in each Email, who they are and even why they did it.

When you sign in to your Doppler account, in the upper section you have the module of sent Campaigns, charged Lists and Reports of each sending. In this final section, you can select a Campaign and analyze the statistics with our powerful reports.

If you want to do an exhaustive analysis of your removals and the reasons of unsubscribe, select the Campaign you want to analyze in terms of Reports, select the type of report you want to make and choose Removals.


Doppler gives you the ability to do a refined search and know the activity of a particular Subscriber. To do this type into the search bar the Email contact and you will know its movements.


Similarly, you can know the total Subscribers removed from your specific Campaign and know those who have removed from your Lists. Doppler will show the date and time of removal.

You can also download the full report, which shows the Report Removals. To do this, select on the top the symbol of Excel, choose the format in which you wish to receive and enter the Email in which you want to receive the download link.

After you submit your application, go to the Download Manager page and access your Excel file.

In this file you will find a description with the Name, Last Name, Email, Date of Removal, the Reason and other data.


In the “Reason” column appears the option your Subscriber have selected after clicking “Want to stop receiving these Emails?” on the foot of your sent Campaign.


You will have a complete list of Removals that will serve to analyze why your Subscribers are removed from your List and no longer wish to receive your Emails. It will also be useful for analyzing various Campaigns based on removals and understand what communications are optimal and which still need to improve from the content.

Pay attention to your Reports and evaluates the removal of your Subscribers!

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