Step by step to create successful Email Campaigns

Are you new to the world of Email Marketing? We invite you to venture into this fascinating world with the help of our experts.
Email Marketing is a technique that continues to grow, this is because it is the most direct and effective way to connect with your contacts.
It is estimated that each person receives 10 Emails per day, therefore, it is important to know how to make a difference and capture the attention of Subscribers from the first moment.

In this post we are going to tell you what are the keys that you must take into account when configuring your shipments to ensure that they are opened and read until the end.

Also, don’t miss this video Tutorial made by one of our experts.

What type of Campaign to select?

You have several types to choose from based on your objectives, each one has different characteristics and benefits.

Classic Campaign: it is the most traditional method, it does not have buttons to share on social networks, therefore it is more personal, more direct.

It can be used, for example, when you want to send exclusive promotions to certain customers. The objective of this format is not for the piece to go viral, but for the Subscriber to feel that they are speaking directly to him in a personalized way.

Social Campaign: In addition to reaching your Subscribers, you can now expand your audience by reaching their followers and friends. You only have to include share and like buttons in your submissions.

Your contacts will be able to share your Emails on their social network profiles such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+. Email Marketing and Social Media are the perfect combination to ensure a greater reach.

A/B Test Campaign: Do you want to know which are the most interesting Subjects and Contents for your audience? Carry out a test and evaluate the types of Subjects and Email pieces to find out which one is best received by your contacts.

Another good option is to use Email Automation. With this functionality you can schedule shipments to be made automatically when certain criteria are met.

It can be for Scheduled Dates such as the birthday of your Subscribers or special events.

Another type is Email Automation by List Subscription, ideal for sending coupons with discounts or welcome messages to those who subscribe to your Database.

And finally, Email Automation RSS, which will help you send your Subscribers the updates you make to your blog every certain period of time that you determine.

In addition, you can optimize the delivery of your Emails with the Smart Sending functionality. This is a variant of Scheduled Sending that allows you to determine the best Sending day and time, based on the historical behavior of your contacts with your sent Campaigns.

The good thing is that Doppler allows you to access complete Reports on Delivery Rate, Openings, Clicks, Removals and much more on each type of Campaign.

Try each format yourself! Create an account totally free up to 500 Subscribers and achieve all your business goals.

How to personalize your Email Marketing shipments?

Clients currently seek a more personalized contact, we must create direct and concrete relationships. For that, the ideal is to customize the Campaigns and send them to a segmented audience, how to do it?

Assembly of lists

Importing your contacts in Doppler is something so simple that you won’t believe it. You have 3 ways to do it:

– Import Subscribers: from a previously created file, it can be TXT. or CSV.

Add manually: enter each of your contacts individually.

From a Form: you can create one and place it on your Website, Blog or Landing Page. All users who register in it will go to the Doppler List that you have selected.


Segment creation

In order for your shipments to be personalized, you can group your Subscribers into Segments based on certain criteria. These can be demographic data (sex, age, country), behavior (contacts that clicked on a certain link in your Campaign) and Performance (Subscribers who did not open your last Email).

To further customize the messages sent to your Database you can use the Custom Fields.

Doppler allows you to create up to 40, and these can be date, text, or numeric. In this way, if you have a Field of [[[Name]]] your piece will reach each user with their respective data.

How to define the basic information of your Campaign?

It is important that you fill in all the information for your shipment correctly.

In the Subject, avoid entering words such as promotions, discounts, offers, etc. These are usually taken as Spam by mail agents. Also, don’t use too many exclamation points or capital letters.

Increase your Open Rate by adding additional information in the Pre Header. This will also prevent a part of the Email code from being displayed next to the Subject.

For the Sender’s Email, the ideal is for the domain to be your own or a corporate one, since if public domain email addresses are used, such as Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo, they may have some kind of inconvenience due to international DMARC policies.

The Response Email is in case you want to get feedback from your Subscribers. If so, add a contact email.


How to measure your shipments and optimize future ones?

In the Reports section you will have access to the results of your Campaigns to later analyze them and improve your strategy. When you go to analyze the results of your shipments, you should consider that, in the event of Soft Bounces, Doppler makes retries during the 24 hours following the original shipment time. For this reason, it is recommended to check the status of the Campaign after that time, to see how many openings there really were.


Now get to work! You already have the tricks so that the results of your Campaigns are fabulous, you just have to put them into practice.

If you don’t have your account yet, create one now, it’s free and with no shipping limit.

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