How to integrate your Email Campaigns with Social Networks

Would you like your Emails to reach more people than just your Subscribers? Find out the solution! Discover how to use Doppler to viralize your shipments.

Historically, it has been thought that Social Networks came to overthrow Email Marketing. However, this was not so. These techniques even got together to reinforce each other. In this Doppler Academy Tutorial, provided by Carolina Di Pietro, Doppler Content Manager, you’ll find this out.

6 features to boost your Email Campaigns with Social Networks

To take advantage of this duo, you’ll need to count on certain functions. You know what? You can access them at Doppler!

Social Campaigns

One of the best strategies to viralize your message is to include “share” buttons. Thus, if you choose the Social Campaign option, these buttons are automatically added to your piece of Email and your Subscribers can share it on their Social Network profiles.

The publication will consist of a picture, a brief description and a title, which will be the Subject of your Campaign. By clicking, users access directly the online version of your Email.

Auto-publish your Campaigns

This is another excellent alternative to integrate Email Marketing with Social Networks. By activating this option, your Campaigns will automatically be published on your profile after being sent. If you are interested in promoting your messages, this is the feature you should use.

Social Media Report

Discover how many times your Campaign has been shared on Social Networks and which is your subscribers’ favourite one, when sharing your content. This way, you can adapt the design and communicational tone of your shipments to the characteristics and requirements of the social platform chosen by your contacts.

This report also helps you identify loyal Subscribers, i.e., those that most share your Campaigns. You can implement actions such as offering them special discounts or gifts to reward their loyalty.

Unique and Total Clicks Report

Get to know who clicked on the lnks of your Campaign, the number of clicks per Subscriber and total clicks, distinguished by date. You can also export those Contacts on your List that have clicked, import them to Facebook Ads and create a Custom Audience for your ads.

RSS feed

Allow your Subscribers to access a link and add it to a newsreader, such as Digg or Feedly, so they can know when a new Email was sent.

Signup-based Email Automation

Do you want to give a good first impression to your Subscribers? Nothing better than sending them a Welcome Email when they join your Lists.

Take this opportunity to greet and receive them in your community. Moreover, it is a good idea to offer them a discount or, why not, invite them to learn more about your company, by exploring your Social Networks profiles.

Are you ready to launch your overall strategy? Start right now! Create a free Doppler account and make your audience get to know, not just your products, but everything your company has to offer.

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